Drooling Goat BBQ's signature rubs and reverse flow smoking brings out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. Starting with delicious pork shoulders and briskets we smoke our meats for hours; until they reach the peak of perfection.

Seasoned with our signature rub and smoked to perfection!

Barbecue refers to "low and slow".  Generally, the term barbecue refers to cooking via a wood fired indirect heat source.  The cook times using this method usually take significantly longer than other cooking processes and run on much lower temperatures.  For example, a 12 pound pork butt (used for pulled pork) takes approximately 10 hours to cook on our cooker!

Variations of wood fired cookers include brick pits, and converted LPG tanks, and these are often referred to as "stick burners".  The meat sits in the main chamber of the unit, while a firebox to the side provides the smoke and indirect heat.  Wood used are usually hickory, mesquite, post oak, maple, and some fruit woods.  There is no electricity, gas or other power source other than fire, and the temperature is regulated solely by the  use of vents, doors, and dampers.

It takes a great deal of skill and practice to end up with a final product that is moist and tender on the inside with a dark crust on the outside, as opposed to an undercooked or dried out hunk of flesh.  

Wind is a challenge with these smokers, wreaking havoc with fire temperatures and cook times. 

Meat cooked on these smokers will have an intense red smoke ring a few millimeters from the exterior, and also, when done right, a dark, firm crust on the outside known as bark.

Chicken Thighs

Covered with a spicy rub and smoked until mouth watering!

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Bringing The Smoke

Yeh, I have pretty strong opinions on barbecue.  Texas (and all smoker style) BBQ is hot right now in both the American and International food scenes.  This means there are lots of virgin BBQ eaters trying their first taste of smoked meats in one of the many BBQ trailers, pop ups, and restaurants that have opened around the globe.  As this trend grows, it's nice to understand a little more about what you're eating and how it's prepared.


Locally made sausage,  smoked to juicy, delectable, yumminess.

Pulled Pork

Starting with beautiful pork butts, injected with an apple based injection, rubbed with our pork rub, smoked for hours, and gently pulled!