Bringing The Smoke

All about us, and how we came up with the name "Drooling Goat BBQ"

We started raising goats long before the internet and cell phones.  Seems like forever ago.  These have been some of the best times of our lives.  Not only having the privilege of sharing our lives with these wonderful creatures, but through the formation of Goat School we have met thousands of folks from literally all over the world.

As we have gotten older, the day to day operations of a goat farm, along with traveling to teach "Goat Schools on the Road" the difficult decision to sell our goats was made in October of 2012.  For the first time in over 25 years we were "goatless"...what a shock!

After a year of traveling throughout the United States and Canada spreading the "gospel of goats" it was time to re-evaluate...again. In the spring of 2015 our farm once again, came to life with dozens of our favorite caprine friends, both adults and babies!

One of the aspects of Goat School, besides learning about goat care, was food.  People raved over all the buffet items janice painstakingly prepared to serve our attendees.

Having traveled to Texas numerous times to purchase goats, my love affair with BBQ developed. The Salt Lick, just outside of Austin TX was a favorite.  I became fascinated with pit style Bar-B-Que.  After more reading and research I evolved from open pit to smoker/cooker.

In February of 2014 my ideas for a smoker/cooker were presented to a local welder. He was excited to work with me to build a custom cooker.  After many hours of deliberation we came up with a design that worked for both of us and the cooker build started to become a reality!

The cooker was finished the third week of May 2014.  The first cook was pork butt, garlic sausage and chicken thighs.

NEXT : Where did the name "Drooling Goat" come from?  Funny you should ask.

In our 25 plus years of breeding goats, the most interesting events took place during breeding season, in the fall.  While some may find it gross, the male goats (bucks), in order to attract the females (does), urinate all over their faces to enhance their allure and create their unique musky scent.  The bucks also hang their tongues out and make grunting sounds in anticipation of the joy and excitement of the mating process.  This is what bucks live for!

In order to keep the vestige of our goat raising heritage, we thought the concept of a "drooling goat" anticipating a pleasant experience would combine nicely with the anticipation and fulfillment of wonderfully prepared BBQ.

Okay, maybe some might not see the humor in this analogy but having lived with goats for all of these years, for us, it works!